It is centralised Backup / Restore Management, Robust Storage Device, Enhanced Firmware Embedded, in-built Disaster Recovery for SMB segment.

Enjay NAS - 3 solutions in 1 NAS

1. Enjay Backup Hub : A Backup / Restore management solution.

2. Robust Storage device made up of Intel Hardware and hardended embeded Enjay NAS OS.

3. Enjay Sync Nas-to-NasSync : Most economical Disaster recovery option.

SME is more interested in business continuity rather than buying storage or backup device. They always look for comprehensive backup and storage solution which can help them to achieve this goal of business continuity, which will require 3 components, Backup/restore, Storage Device and Disaster recovery. All these three solutions are available in Enjay NAS.

Instead of buying a New Storage device, you can also convert your existing PC to a storage device with Enjay NAS OS with following feature.

  • User / Group Quota Management
  • File type restriction
  • Raid 0,1,5 Support
  • Web FTP Support
  • Backup from any PC / Server
  • USB Disk Support
  • E-mail Notifications
  • No HDD Capacity Limitation
  • Network Recycle Bin
  • DVR Recording Utility
  • Centralised Backup
  • Disaster Recovery







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