PCKii is a data security software which helps you protect your files and other important data. PCKii can protect all information stored in your computer and portable storage devices, including : customer data, company records, contracts, financial files, technical documents, personal bank account information, instant messaging history, gaming account information, and personal pictures or videos.


  1. Dual protection: PCKii dongle and password
  2. Easy usage and fast installation
  3. Safe from hackers and viruses by blocking their access when the PCKii dongle is unplugged
  4. High adaptability: Suitable for desktops, laptops, USB flash drives, and external hard drives
  5. Flexible usage: One PCKii software on multiple computers or one computer having multiple PCKii’s
  6. Multiple functions: File compression with encryption capability, and file shredding capability
  7. Product customization on large orders